Grasta Shower Enclosures

Brand strategy, Identity

Brand strategy, Identity

In the market of shower enclosures, everything is a thing from the past. Companies with sites from the aughts, hundreds of identical options, the lack of clear guidelines, so the customer has no idea, which manufacturer is good, and which one is not. The construction market has not gone away, it has simply moved to digital.

However, there is also good news. You don't have to go to this market at all because there is Grasta: a company with a whole range of high-class solutions that will help you find the perfect shower enclosure in the shortest possible time.

Grasta cooperates with manufacturers who offer only relevant design concepts, simplifies the selection process as much as possible and always creates a very understandable project.


Come up with a creative positioning in the overheated market of shower enclosures.


Bathroom style is a King.



The Grasta company is a long-standing player in the commercial glazing market. For example, Grasta worked on the Large Sports Arena Luzhniki, the Floating Bridge and the Philharmonic Hall in Zaryadye Park, the transfer hub Khodynka Field, etc.

In 2021, the company decided to try itself in the consumer segment, developing ready-made solutions for homes and cottages. The team approached us with the task of creating a B2C brand that meets the company's philosophy and market demands.  

B2B → B2C



Most competitors use categorical names with stereotypical and inexpressive communication. At the same time, they broadcast exclusively product offers with an emphasis on quality, warranty, safety and technology.

As a result, consumers don’t feel any difference between one or another manufacturer and make their choice solely on the basis of price, response speed and their inner voice. 

We needed to take Grasta out of the field of price competition into non-price competition, to captivate customers with service and emotions.


Target Audience

As the core of the target audience, successful modern residents of the metropolis have been chosen. They demand the quality of everything they buy and strive to save their time and efforts. 

They either delegate decision making to the designer, or strive to choose the right provider of a particular service in order to trust him completely.

In shower enclosures field, first of all, design is appreciated.  It is important for them to preserve the integrity of the bathroom style. The second choice factor is the product quality.


Wall off the excess. Choose style minimalism with Grasta.

Based on the audience's request, we focused the brand on high-end design and emotions at every point of contact with the product.

Together with the client, we have consistently cut off everything superfluous, creating a product that we would like to use ourselves: without an endless catalog with 1000+ items, with a pleasant and responsive staff, a bright and minimalist exhibition pavilion.

Clear. Beautiful. A complete product with its own principles.



Grasta is a new term. A word that is a trademark in itself. And everything associated with the Grasta brand acquires a new sophisticated connotation: Grasta-solution, Grasta-design, Grasta-approach. Unique solutions even at the lexical level. 

The Grasta approach is based on three principles:

  1. Minimalist design that emphasizes the style of the bathroom.
  2. Small and clear catalog of the best on the market.
  3. Guarantee of the quality of materials and assembly.


Shower enclosures are usually installed at the end of the renovation and by this time the client is already exhausted, both financially and emotionally. 

Therefore, it was important for us to create a positive experience of interaction with the company at all stages: from the advertising banner to the arrival of installers.

We have thought over a hundred pleasant little things that accompany the client on the way from the idea of buying to installing the enclosure.


Thoughtful packaging, stylish tools, neat uniform of the staff. Every detail is a reflection of the Grasta approach.


Taking care of the customer even after installation. Gift set: bath mat and German detergent to maintain the perfect shine of the glass.




Construction and Renovation

Brand strategy

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