Post Modern Technology

Presentation, Polygraphy

The Post Modern Technology company has been operating in the information technology market for over 20 years and currently carries out its activities in Europe, Russia and CIS countries. It is one of the largest developers of medical information systems in the Russian Federation.

In 2018, the company was invited to participate in the Russia–Africa Economic Forum organized by Roscongress. According to the terms of the event, any company could distribute its promotional materials within the negotiations. Post Modern Technology approached us in order to do something interesting.


Create a nontrivial presentation. 

We had a hypothesis: most of the participants would flood visitors with their brochures and booklets. So, the guests will have nothing left but to get rid of waste paper right there, during the event. Instead, we decided to come up with a quick script for the work of sales managers, which would allow them to captivate the interlocutor in 30 seconds.

Obviously, we could make a weighty booklet with the company's entire functional experience description, but we abandoned this idea. However, we created a supporting thesis shield including only key facts and armor-piercing advantages that push for potential cooperation.


The form was an A5 card made of three-layer designer cardboard based on cotton.


  The key numbers were highlighted with a convex technique, so visitors could feel them tactile.

The materials were in incredible demand, moreover, preliminary agreements on new partnerships were concluded immediately at the event.

Aroma Marketing

The general impression is formed from many little things, which is why we decided to enhance the visual and tactile experience of interacting with PMT with aroma marketing tools. We chose the scent of fresh air, felt in the first minutes of rain — Petrichor, Demeter® Fragrance Library.

It was one of the ways to be remembered by our potential partners.



Post Modern Technology

Information technology
Medical information systems


Robert Dertsyan
Alexey Evdokimov